While the name might be different, Mike’s Produce is dedicated to providing the same quality produce and friendly customer service that began with Paul’s Produce in 1992. Over the past 25 years, our humble food market has established itself as an excellent choice for Kelowna customers who covet first-rate fruits and vegetables.

From the outset, we’ve placed a major emphasis on working with local growers and suppliers whenever possible. Given the abundance of farms and orchards in our backyard, it just makes sense.

Another trait that has helped differentiate Mike’s Produce over the years is our relentless attention to detail. We take pride in meticulously hand sorting our produce to ensure it meets our high standards. Once it meets our approval, we then use it to create colourful displays throughout our food market.

Formerly known as Paul’s Produce, the store was recently rebranded and named after its new owners, Mike and Juanita Gomes who took over in 2014.

Meet Our Team

Our Food Philosophy

It takes time to sort and select top-quality fruits and vegetables. At Mike’s Produce, that’s an investment we’re happy to make because it ensures our loyal customers have access to fresh, healthy food for their home meals.

Whether it’s the first cut of asparagus tips in May, or late-season apples and root vegetables throughout winter, we always strive to stock produce grown right here in the Okanagan. We’re committed to supporting our local farmers, not just because it helps our economy, but because they grow some of the best produce you’ll find anywhere.

Our Promise

At Mike’s Produce, we strive to supply perfect produce, every time. As our motto states, we want to be the place “where you don’t have to dig for the good stuff.” To deliver on this promise, our dedicated team diligently hand inspects each and every produce item before it reaches the shelves of our food market.

The secret to good produce is to start with reputable suppliers. We’ve built strong relationships with vendors we count on to continuously deliver quality fruits and vegetables. As the seasons permit, we work with local suppliers right here in the Okanagan to give our customers the finest tastes of home.

Coupled with our expanding grocery line, we strive to become your local one-stop food store.