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Mike’s Produce is dedicated to providing the same quality produce and friendly customer service that began with Paul’s Produce in 1992. Mike’s Produce has been supplying Kelowna residents with fresh, locally sourced produce and groceries ever since. Conveniently located at the Guisachan Village Centre, our food market offers the highest quality fruits and vegetables, along with a range of everyday grocery items. When you shop with us, our goal is to provide all the groceries you'll need in one easy place.

Our goal is to provide customers with only the best produce. That’s why we hand inspect every piece before proudly displaying it on our shelves. And by working with local seasonal suppliers, you’ll shop with the assurance that our product is delivered fresh from the field to your shopping basket.

We know how hard our local farmers and orchardists work to grow and harvest the produce you enjoy. Our friendly team handles and displays our produce with the utmost care and respect.

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Little Creek Dressing

The first batch of Little Creek’s famous vinaigrette was bottled on the Denison family farm overlooking Okanagan Lake in 1995. As Little Creek’s popularity grew, production was moved to a Kelowna warehouse in the heart of the valley, where small, artisanal batches of dressings like Spicy Strawberry, Okanagan Caesar and Asian Apricot are lovingly made to adorn salad greens across BC and beyond.

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